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Click on each letter title below to View personal letters and a Certificate OF Appreciation from United States Commander in Chief and US President Elect Barack Obama while in office, USMC Commandant General Neller, USMC 18th Sergeant Major Green and a copy of my Official Full Retirement with all rights of privledge therein at 30 years of age

About Me


  1. This is the title I am most proud of with Official USMC Retirement as of February 2017. After a great education, a NBA stint, a few successful business endeavors, and From Houston Texas; Need I say more? I like to do things in a big way. I joined the United States Marine Corp patriotically after 911. I relocated to Pennsylvania to be close to my children after a divorce. I have 2 beautiful children JaeLynn and Brianna Gibson. I lost visitation to them when I was discharged with Total disabilities after the military and my ex-wife an attorney in NJ, while I couldn't understand or fight her due to documented disabilities --used the courts to remove all my parenting rights And further removed visitation while I was a ward of the court and without legal or guardian representation. My caregiver Jamie Steele, alongside Barbara Steele and in addition to other medical and legal representatives providing assistance have and are overseeing and assisting with years of rehabilitative efforts, which has been very very hard work, taken great effort and great cost, and was and is in addition to my fight to restore lost time with my children. I am also looking to receive credit for substantial funds over $800,000 as determined by an independent law firm, and issued for my care while I was a ward of the court to my Ex-wife while we were separated. Now with some health milestones over time of discharge, most importantly I am fighting with NJ courts to have my children in my life. I refuse to let false truths stated by an Ex, injuries sustained from serving or the residuals thereof have the Win. I am also a United States Marine and an athlete. Relocating was the first step 

My Top Issue Helping People Reach Success In Life

I am passionate about Helping through Teaching and not Telling. Now that I am improving in health with some better and good days and moments instead of all bad days and worse moments, I am fighting to live a legacy and be the example I have always strived to be. I have also worked successfully for periods of time with other business endeavors.. here is an old press release during one of the periods I also worked with AKON through RCE/Konvict Muzik here...



Want More? See a news interview and Press Release after being contacted by The Huffington Post here. A business interview with me personally and conducted by John Swanciger, the CEO of Manta


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